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Class Descriptions

All classes will incorporate prayer and inspirational music.


Classes are designed to introduce the pre-school age dancer to the world of dance, music, space and movement. These students will explore elementary ballet terminology and have a soft beginning to dance by learning very basic movements needed for the pre-ballet/tap class. Each student will be encouraged to express themselves creatively through movement. Classes will allow students to gain strength and flexibility helping them to improve their skills for more advanced dance.

PRE-BALLET/TAP COMBO (ages 5 & 6):

Designed with the younger dancer in mind as a great introduction into the world of ballet and tap dance. This class teaches the basic technique and terminology of both ballet and tap while developing coordination, strength, rhythm, flexibility and social skills. Some ballet barre & centre work may be presented depending on the level of the class.

BALLET (ages 7-15):

Ballet is the foundation for all dance training, and while it is not required, enrollment is STRONGLY encouraged for all students. Dancers will work to develop correct ballet technique, proper alignment and posture, ballet dance vocabulary, flexibility and the discipline needed to progress in all dance forms. Classes will also include barre & centre work with floor combinations. All ballet classes will incorporate liturgical & lyrical dance style as student’s progress.

TAP/JAZZ COMBO (ages 7-15)

The tap segment of the class places emphasis on rhythm, style and sound. Its emphasis on developing a sense of rhythm and timing is essential to the development of every style of dance. Dancers will study tap steps and combinations with a strong focus on developing proper tap technique and terminology, strengthening ankles and producing clear tap sounds. The jazz segment of the class allows dancers to learn jazz dance terminology, center floor &/or barre warm-up, corner & floor progressions, turn techniques, jumps, jazz isolations and combinations. They are also provided with a system of exercises for muscle toning, flexibility, physical fitness and placement while learning whole body coordination and rhythm.

Tumbling (ages 7-15):

This class includes....

HIP HOP (ages 6-15):

This high energy class allows the student to learn the latest dance moves seen in music videos in a fun, energetic and positive dance environment. In this class, emphasis is placed on coordination, fluidity and precision of movement. Also, this class will focus on rhythm, choreography and some freestyle.

Private Lessons (all ages):

Available upon request for all dance forms offered at the academy.

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